Specialists in cup filling and sealing machinery.

Grunwald UK - providing Grunwald automatic cup filling machinery, packing and dosing machines for the food and dairy industry throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA.

With Grunwald UK cup filling machinery you're guaranteed delivery dates, speed and weight accuracy and lifetime support of equipment with UK based engineers.

Grunwald UK Highlights of 2020

PPMA Show 2019

Grunwald UK had the opportunity to have on our stand the largest Grunwald machine ever to be exhibited in the UK. This very impressive 6-lane linear created lots of interest and it was great to be able to showcase one of our larger machines.




This year all three of the Grunwald UK Directors, James Causebrook, Samantha Smith and Catherine Causebrook were able to be at the show for the full duration as well as the Anton Alt, the Sales Director, from our principle company, Grunwald GmbH. It was great to have such a wealth of experience and knowledge on hand to chat to customers past and future.

We were able to continue our commitment to STEM and the PPMA Best program by having one of our engineers, Ryan, help host the students visiting the show and have the groups of students from across the UK visit our stand.





A range of Rotary, Linear, Bucket Line and Dosing Machines

Dedicated UK spares and service desk with UK based engineers.

Tel: +44 (0) 1529 414999
E: info@grunwald-uk.com

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