wetLAN® 110 Series encompasses a family of highly flexible inline wet glue labelers. High output, mechanical simplicity, and very easy changeover mark the benefits of the wetLAN® 110 series of inline wet glue labelers. Where other manufacturers quote rotary frames, LANGGUTH's wet glue wetLAN® 110 series does the job more affordably.


Achieving steady state speeds to 400 bpm - without bottle plates or glue pallets – wetLAN 110 series of inline wet glue labelers are the darling of contract packers and other producers with frequent changeover. Commonly used with spreads, sauces, dressings, and condiments the wetLAN 110 of inline wet glue labelers are optionally equipped in full stainless for brine environments.


Also found in paint and chemical environments, variants of the wetLAN 110 series of inline wet glue labelers offer full ATEX and Class 1, Division 1 construction for hazard EX-Proof environments. Every LANGGUTH wetLAN 110 series customer benefits from more than 80 years of cold glue know-how.

  • Contoured, square, oval, F-style, and cylindrical containers
  • Up to 400 cpm
  • Adjustable label magazine accepts spot, full wrap, shaped and rectangular labels
  • Short linear footprint fits almost any line
  • Simple 10-15 minute changevoer
  • Highly flexible
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