LANGGUTH's hotLAN 310 series of Hot Melt Inline Labelers represents the best value point of any changeover labeler. Combining high output, mechanical simplicity, very easy changeover with minimal investment in change parts, this labeler obviates rotary bases in most hot melt applications with cylindrical containers.


Uniquely versatile the hotLAN 310 series of Hot Melt Inline Labelers provides an adjustment range including steel cans, glass jars, plastic bottles including gallons and paint cans with handle ears. Moreover LANGGUTH’s unique hot melt spray glue system reduces glue consumption to bare minimum.

For lowest cost of ownership, while increasing overall operational up-time, LANGGUTH's hotLAN 310 series of Hot Melt Inline Labelers is the right choice.

Model: hotLAN 310 Inline Labelers
Family: hotLAN
Adhesive: Hot Melt
Label Format: Full Wrap only
Labeler Frame: In-Line

hotLAN 310 Specifications

- Cylindrical containers

- 700 - 1,000 cpm

- Simple 10-15 minute changeover

- Short linear footprint fits almost any line

- Adjustable label mag accepts shaped and rectangular labels

- 30% adhesive savings with LANGGUTH's patented spray adhesive system


Spray Glue

- 30% less adhesive use than roller system
- Debris-free closed pot with no glue recirculation
- Change parts free
- Simple nozzle clean up
- High output with mechanical simplicity

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